Week 5: Collaborative online practice


Hello, and welcome to week five – the final week of our blended learning programme and week 9 of your course overall. This week we will be looking at how collaborative online working might support our practice, and whether it could support us post-course.

1.Collaborative online practice


The presentation can be accessed here.


In your face to face sessions you will be asked/ will have been asked to analyse a literary text. So you can trial one way of working collaboratively online, I have started a Google document which includes a literary text. Have an initial look at the text and play with this way of collaboratively working, reflecting on how useful this might be post-course.

For information on how to use Google documents have a look here.

4.Live discussion 

This week we will reflect on how well collaborative working in the online environment supported with the task.

5.Forum discussion question

This week’s discussion topic is:

How might we support collaborative working online?

If you are unable to join us in a live discussion, you can add your ideas to an online notice board. If you did not receive the joining e-mail, please contact us and we’ll send you the link to the meeting right away.

I look forward to hearing your responses both on our forum and during live discussion sessions.