Week 4: Collaboration: supporting good practice


Hello, and welcome to week four of our blended learning programme (week 7 of your course). This week we will be looking at how collaborative working might support our practice, and looking at ideas of ‘Lesson Study’ as an example of this – and also to support a task we will undertake in face to face sessions. A short (six minutes) video aims to provide an overview, and further reading can be accessed through clicking on the links in the presentation itself. Lesson Study is an interesting area to explore, and do please share any insights or information from your own independent research on our forum.

1.Collaboration: supporting good practice


The presentation can be accessed here.


As part of  your face to face sessions you will be given a brief that asks you to collaboratively plan a ‘research lesson’ focussing on one of the following skills:

1. Analysing non-fiction texts

2. Analysing a literary text

3. Analysing a spoken text

4. Writing non-fiction

5. Writing creatively

A ‘SWOT’ analysis can be helpful here – what is the relationship of the brief to your individual strengths & weaknesses, and what opportunities and threats might it present?


4.Live discussion 

This week we will be critically discussing what the brief, and what opportunities and threats it might contain.

5.Forum discussion question

This week’s discussion topic is:

How might a ‘lesson study’ model support our practice?

If you are unable to join us in a live discussion, you can add your ideas to an online notice board. If you did not receive the joining e-mail, please contact us and we’ll send you the link to the meeting right away.

I look forward to hearing your responses both on our forum and during live discussion sessions.