Week 3: Digital literacy and evaluating technologies


Hello, and welcome to our third online session (week 5 of your overall programme). This week we will be looking at ideas of digital literacy, with an emphasis on how we, as educators, evaluate appropriate technologies. I am really looking forward to discussing digital technologies with you during our online session.

As in previous weeks, we have a short video for you to watch (about 7 minutes). This is followed by a link to the presentation. We have a task for you this week – for details see the video, and your response to the task forms the basis for our critical discussion. I hope you enjoy considering some of the ideas presented in the video.

1.Video: Digital Literacy and evaluating technologies

2. Link to presentation

You can view the complete prezi (and access links) here.


The task this week is to have a look at the digital technologies suggested in ELearningtoolsforGCSEEnglish.docx and investigate one (or more) of the digital technologies suggested. Alternatively, if you wish to research a new technology to share with us, that would be excellent.

4.Live Discussion

Our live discussion question this week is:

“How might I use my selected digital approach to appeal to learners?”

If you are unable to join us in a live discussion, you can add your ideas to an online notice board. If you did not receive the joining e-mail, please contact us and we’ll send you the link to the meeting right away.

5.Forum Discussion

Our forum discussion topic asks you to consider where your usual digital teaching approaches might fit within the SAMR model (for details of the model, see the video and presentation).