Developing your workforce

PPt imageThe Education and Training Foundation commissioned the development of a full suite of materials for two new Level 5 CPD modules, designed to increase capacity in the education and training workforce to deliver GCSE maths and English. The two ‘off the shelf’ packages can be used by teacher trainers and English/ Maths Professional Development Leads (subject specialists) to up-skill new or experienced teachers to run maths and English GCSE re-sit courses in the further education and training sector. Both packages are based on module specifications accessible from the web links below. This video explains the purpose of these modules in more detail.

There is a clear need to support practitioners working with young adults (16 -19s) who are re-taking GCSE maths and/or English, having achieved lower than a grade C at school (or its equivalent in the new 1- 9 grading structure). This is why there is an emphasis in this package on engaging and motivating reluctant learners and assessment of learners’ needs to build on prior learning.

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