Week 0: Welcome


Hello, and welcome to the online learning space of L5 GCSE English Subject Knowledge and Pedagogy. Do have a look at our forum – if you haven’t received an invitation please contact us.

The aims of the online learning programme are to:

  • Develop confidence in adopting a multimodal approach to teaching methodologies through the use of digital media
  • Develop a range of possible approaches to collaborative working practice
  • Support critical practice through supporting understanding of ones’ own reflexive position

I also hope very much you enjoy participating in the programme. I will be facilitating live discussion sessions, and moderating the forum. I hope also to contribute to some forum discussions! A short to-do list below is designed to ensure you are all ready to participate in the programme:

1.Take a look around the website:

Read the online learning page, and make sure that you have found the link to our forum.

2. Introduce yourself on the forum:

I’m really looking forward to meeting you and working with you over the coming weeks!

3. Speak to your organisation’s technical team: 

This is a good time to check you have all the access requirements necessary to participate in google hangouts. A great guide to using hangouts can be found here. The online guide also goes through system requirements here. If you don’t have the correct system requirements, or can’t make your timetabled space, then we do have an alternative. A virtual pin board that you can post on whenever you feel like it – and there’s also our forum space to discuss key issues.

Please note that you will need a Google account to participate in video discussion groups (you can set up a Google account using your own e-mail address). If you let me know the e-mail address associated with your Google account on the self-assessment form below, then I will use this to invite you to your chosen session space. 

4. Complete the attached self-assessment:

I am looking forward to working with you over the coming weeks. Each session will be released on Tuesday morning, to give you plenty of time to engage with the critical questions presented before our chat on Friday. The scheduled times for live discussion will be posted below a week before the discussions, so that you can choose your slot. I look forward to meeting you ‘live’ shortly.